How many do I need?

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How many do I need?

Post by lskbike » Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:34 pm

A little Technical help please...I have a 1989 R100RT that is on my lift right now that is being reassembled due to my completing a rear main seal replacement on the engine. I also replaced the oil pump cover O ring while I was in there. As I was cleaning the frame around the rear swing arm pivot area, I noted that that there was a "plastic" spacer stuck in grease on the inside of the frame where the left rear swing arm pivot pin is to be installed. If there was one on the right hand side then I have lost it because I only have this one on the left side. Come to think of it, I don't believe that there was one of these spacers on the right hand side because before disassemble I used this "gap" to place a stack of feeler gauges deep inside to get a measurement. Then I could use this measurement on the right hand side to insure I could re-center the rear suspension when I put things back together. I would appreciate it if any one on the list that has experience with this please advise... IS there only one of these spacers used here AND if I need another, where could I get it as the BMW parts diagram looks like they only come with the purchase of the bearings which I don't need .... Here's hoping only one is needed! Thanks in Advance...

ANSWERED BY MR. COLT SELF... ON ANOTHER LIST.... IT IS..."that should snap INTO the bearing, between the inner & outer races (almost right against the ball/cage), so the ball bearings are not exposed to dirt & krud." THANKS COLT...DON'T THINK I WOULD HAVE FIGURED THIS OUT MYSELF....

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