Bing 64/32/13 vs. 64/32/9

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Bing 64/32/13 vs. 64/32/9

Post by AndyFitzGibbon » Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:23 am

Hi all,

The '71 R75/5 that I'm slowly rehabilitating for a friend (sat for ten years) has a mix of carbs on it- the right side is the appropriate 64/32/10, but the left side has a 64/32/13 off a later bike. Both carbs are jetted the same.

Does anyone know if there are any differences in the carburetor body itself between the 64/32/13 and the 64/32/9 that it replaced? I know that they were jetted differently, but am not sure if any internal passageways, ect. we're changed.

I rebuilt the carbs, and the bike runs fine, but not perfect. I have been watching eBay for the correct 64/32/9, but so far all have been pretty ragged looking.


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