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Re: Checking the oil level on an oilhead

Post by Steve in Golden » Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:10 pm

bowyorang wrote:I warmed it up on the center stand and after I shut it off I looked down at the oil window. Within just a minute or so, the level had already reached the top of the ring. It should be somewhere around the middle when cold, shouldn't it?
You won't be able to get it warmed up properly on the centerstand. Don't run it on the centerstand (or the sidestand for that matter) for more than a minute or so or it could overheat. If you want to run it that way use a fan to cool the engine, but still, I wouldn't run it like that for very long.

To get a proper oil level check on the oilheads you should ride it for at least 10 miles to make sure it is fully warmed up, long enough for the oil cooler bypass valve to open. Then park it on the sidestand for a couple of minutes. Then put it on the centerstand for a few minutes, then check the oil level. It should be about half to 3/4 covering the window. If you check the oil when the engine is not fully warmed up it could show a false "overfull" indication due to the oil coolers not being full of oil.
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