2008 R1200GS Adventure Brake Problems

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Curt Henry
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2008 R1200GS Adventure Brake Problems

Post by Curt Henry » Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:54 pm

Today I had my first major problem with my 08 R1200GS Adventure. No front brakes!

Today I went riding with Bruce to look look at the fall colors and to ride some dirt roads. I noticed that the front brake lever was starting to feel mushy, we stopped and while I sat with the front brake lever pulled it slowly traveled toward it was touching the grip. This is weird. I let up pulled the lever and it slowly drifted in. Then Bruce said "you're leaking something". Got off the bike and there was brake fluid dripping from the right side of the bike, the brake fluid level was half of where it had been the last time I checked. WTF. I am 70-80 miles from home and have no front brake.

I decide to ride home with only the rear brake, it is mostly limited access highway and then interstate from where I was to home. I think the route over and I know that I only have to deal with 4 stop lights. I enter the limited access highway and am rolling along at 70mph in a 65, I think this is nuts, I had better slow down. I managed to make it home without touching either the front or rear brakes, I made every green light, by slowing down and waiting for the light to change.

When I arrived home I waited for the bike to cool and removed the covers on the right side, the leak was easy to find. From the ABS servo motor there is a solid steel brake line which changes to braided steel where it goes to the fork. The fitting is leaking a heavy stream when the brake lever is compressed. I tried to tighten the fitting but it was as tight as it was going to get. I backed it off and tried to tighten the fitting it still leaked. I then removed the line to inspect the fitting. The steel brake line has an aluminum end pressed in. The aluminum end is loose and that is the source of the leak. It needs a new brake line. I did a Google search and found in the UK there is a recall for this problem and others in the US have had the lines replace as a recall item by dealers. The main bitch about the recall is that it takes 1-2 weeks for dealerships to get the line from BMWNA.

I have now had problems that have rendered the bike un-use able with every BMW I have owned I am beginning to think it is time to Jap.

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The Veg
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Re: 2008 R1200GS Adventure Brake Problems

Post by The Veg » Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:46 pm

Calm down Curt!

I'm quite frankly amazed that the previous owner didn't have the line replaced. I had mine done and was never told anything about two weeks to wait for a part- I made an appointment (maybe a week out at most IIRC) and the job was done quickly when the time came. The reason I was told for the front brake line recall is that the stock line runs in a location where there is an extremely slight chance that the suspension could pinch it. I've never heard of it actually happening.

You still made it home safely, and a brake line is an easy thing to fix. You'll fall back in love with this bike. :D
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