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Re: Xmoto

Post by Zombie Master » Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:09 am

gocytocis wrote:
Zombie Master wrote:It has grease fittings.
I wonder if that was a Yamaha 'thing'? My first bike was a '79 XS650 & it's the only bike I recall owning that had grease fittings too. Saved a lot of labour! Along with the valve-clearance inspection caps, the head-mounted points cover, and carb-balancing thumb screw, that was the easiest bike to keep on the road!
Is just sensible have moving parts greased. My XT500 even had a grease fitting for the rear wheel bearing. I've seen other bikes with fittings. It's a rarity now, and that sucks. Old bikes had more fittings. Today everything is a throw away! :evil:
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