Good route - Yellowstone to Minneapolis/St. Paul

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John Falconer
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Good route - Yellowstone to Minneapolis/St. Paul

Post by John Falconer » Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:01 pm

I’m leaving this coming Monday (June 18th) for New Hampshire, from Northern California. I am mostly staying with friends along the way and I’ll be on my 1988 R100RT.

One of those friends, who lives in North Dakota, will now be out of town so I’m given the opportunity to be flexible in my route from Yellowstone to Minneapolis/St. Paul. My schedule allows me to take two or three days to make this leg of the trip. I prefer secondary highways over the slab.

Does anyone have suggestions of the most scenic or interesting route between these points?

Oh, on a related note, yesterday my new Garmin Zumo 220 (it has everything I need, just want basic GPS features) arrived and I’ve been exploring its capabilities. I am actually pretty pleased with its ability to respect the “keep off the main roads” (actually I think they call it “avoid highways”) feature – I’ve tested it on some source/destination pairs I’m familiar with and it does a pretty nice job picking a good route.

Thanks and see you on the road … the UPS truck just showed up with my new windshield … must go mount it.

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Re: Good route - Yellowstone to Minneapolis/St. Paul

Post by anandabandit » Sun Sep 02, 2012 6:23 pm

Hi John -

I just found this post today as I was about to start a similar thread. I'm leaving San Diego in about a week on a 1989 R100RT, going through northern California up in to Oregon, through Yellowstone, planning on some slab when I hit South (or should it be North?) Dakota. Final destination is Rhode Island.

What was the route you ended up taking? Any trip reports?

Hope you had/are having a blast.
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