1972 BMW R75/5 VG mech. cond lowered to $3450 SALE PENDING

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1972 BMW R75/5 VG mech. cond lowered to $3450 SALE PENDING

Post by hank2 » Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:31 pm


1972 BMW, R75/5 model. 75732 total miles. May go up a bit. Toaster tank and battery covers. My only bike for the last 10 or 11 years with many new parts and upgrades. I put about 25k miles on it. Only about 2k miles the past two years. Got another bike last year which I ride the most. This is a very reliable bike and I kept it and made it that way.

--$ 3850.

Mechanically very good, paint fair. One quarter sized dent in rear/top tank. chrome decent. Clear PA. title and be transferred through a notary. I don't want to ship or crate myself. Would prefer a face to face deal, but will be willing to talk.

Some of the improvements and maintenance:

New factory final drive, new factory rear wheel, both with /5 splines. About 10k miles ago. 3.2/1
Front wheel re-spoked by Buchanons and bearing stack rebuilt. Same time.
New starter, Valeo and starter relay, 2012. Omega Electronic crank mount ignition with easy hook back up to points
New Bosch blue coils. Timing chain and tensioner replaced. /6 front cover for better venting.
Mikuni VM32 round slide carbs. Not a better carb than the factory Bing CV carbs, but better throttle response.
1976 R75/6 cylinder heads with early 80's hardened tip needle bearing rockers.Right head completely rebuilt last year, new seats, guides, valves and springs by Bud Provin. Lower mileage left head sourced separately and in very good condition.
Correct /5 length Progressive shocks with extra heavy springs. BMW sport front fork springs.
2 year old Panasonic AGM battery. Stator rebuilt to higher output with new rotor and Omega (Asian) diode board ( Mottorad Electrik, 2006) 280w advertised.
Sito chrome Euro mufflers. Stainless head pipes. New left and right switch gear. New throttle cam and grip.
New clutch and lower mileage used 4 speed trans with output shaft lube, 2012. New front brake, tach and speedo cables.
New rings and light deglaze hone about 12k miles ago.
Corbin seat. H4 halogen aftermarket headlight conversion. Dual ( high and low beam) Matchbox relays added.
Good tires. Bridgestone BT45s that are a sportier bias ply. About 60% front, 75% rear. 2 and 3 years old.
BMW Krauser type side cases in decent shape with keys go with it.
Engine oil and filter, final drive, driveshaft and trans oils, sparkplugs and air filter all new this past Spring. 2014.
Replaced factory new Motometer speedo/tach combo last year and got a short after installing last bulb socket. Tach ruined but speedo and odometer work. Also have original Motometer. Mileage total between them, 75732.
The new or original Motometer would have to be sent off for rebuild for tach functions. There are several shops that can do these. Or for a lot more bucks, buy a new one from BMW.

Any real interest, please contact me through ( hankjr08@yahoo.com ) You could also send me a PM, but I don't check those as regularly. If you send an email, you can provide a phone number if you like and I'll return your call.

Also on IBMWR marketplace, R-airhead twins. Currently 08/2014. See photo links there or this link to Photobucket.


Located in Eastern Pa., not far from Fleetwood, Pa. 19522.

Thanks, hank2 ( Clair Heim)

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