Thank God, phpBB > good riddens to PHORUM!

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Thank God, phpBB > good riddens to PHORUM!

Post by dwire » Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:57 pm

I stopped frequenting here due to PHORUM as it simply drove me insane. I hope some of the old-timers are OK with phpBB.

And really, after reading around and looking at some of the issues (since I have installed, run, administered and moderated plenty of phpBB's, MyBB's and SMF's in my day...) can say most of the issues I see posted (likely already taken care of by now...) are easily rectified.

Any spammers should have their explicit IP blocked - that is a certainty --> sadly though most asses are smart enough to run paid proxy services that will allow them to pretty much annoy you for ever if they like... :(

I'll look around and perhaps post some more again. Once any one of my (our - whatever...) servers can come back online, I'll link a repository of wonderful BMW DIY's, resto info and as well I have some really rare early R bike German Matra prints (Yes its all in German...) here to share with the community, though I'll get them to D.A. first for he's the real and appropriate proprietor of such rare documents... :-)

Let me know if you require Administration/Moderation help, I am "in-between" things and would gladly volunteer my time and experience...

Regards and thanks for doing away with PHORUM, for I really, really wanted to come back, but refused to start whining about the use of the antiquated cluster-f'ed PHORUM software - so kudos!

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